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Mud Brick and Earth Building the Chinese Way

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Written for and tested in Australian conditions.

The Chinese are the world's greatest builders in earth, using it for everything from humble hen houses to the Great Wall. There are an estimated 90 million earth homes in China.

Here are the various methods of earth building and Chinese techniques which will be of great interest to anyone planning on building in earth.

MUD BRICKS can be laid in various ways to create very strong walls. One worker can make 500 bricks in a day using this simple Chinese system.

RAMMED EARTH is favoured for barns and farm buildings. Three forms and their uses are explained.

POLE MOULD WALLS are unknown in the West. A family can build a 12.5m long x 2.6 m high in a day.

RAMMED BRICKS are ideal for areas of low rainfall as they need no water.

CAVE HOMES and PIT DWELLINGS are also discussed, as are methods used to construct house frames and roof coverings.

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