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A Whipmaker's Yarns by Robin Wills Featured

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*NEW* Novel by Whipmaker Robin Wills.

We are proud to present Robin Will's debut book - a collection of yarns representing Robin's youth as a stockman working in rural Australia.

As a stockman and whip maker Robin has lived the life most only know bits and pieces of - long days in the saddle, hard work, drought and flood.

A nice gift for the stockman in your life!


Here are a couple of reviews from readers who enjoyed Robin's book;


'Robin Wills’ collection of bush yarns are of an era before helicopters and motorbikes when the stockwhip was one of the essential tools of trade every stockman carried wherever he went.
Robin’s yarns reflect the experiences of a young man fresh from The Old Country, working among horses and cattle with the many and varied people who all lived and worked "west of the divide”.
This book, filled with characters like Old Allen the windmill expert, sapper Paddy Ah Chee the WWI explosives expert, Stork the drovers cook and others all add up to an entertaining read.'
Lindsay, June 2020.


A Whipmakers Yarns by Robin Wills
'In the words of the song written by Buster Noble “And the stockmen called him Pommy, the Pommy jackeroo!” Robin Wills has provided a collection of short stories garnered from the style of life that he chose to follow so dissimilar to that which he had been living before leaving England to travel to Australia.
In each of the stories there could be a touch of empathy, sorrow, learning, joy and happiness.
Robin has been able to tell yarns about a bullock encounter with a Volkswagen, a “carnival like ride” on a windmill, an impassioned story about a particular dog, whips, the pros and cons of timber or steel lined whip handles, buggies and Noble Italian hunts, amongst others.
Quite an enjoyable read written by an experienced and well read writer, looking forward to his next release.'
Phillip Holding July 2020
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